Dr Iraj

We need to have a data base of technical analysis strategies. Without strategy we might as well buy on TIPS.
Hi Doc

Good idea. I would also suggest to have performance rating for each TA strategy/idea/system.

Hi Iraj,

I totally agree with you. Over the next few weeks I would like to begin developement of a new education section, which would list trading strategies - broken down between TA, short-term investing and day-trading. Which will discuss everything from Stochastics to Scalping.

You might have noticed all the forums now have a team of moderators to look after them, and this isn't just to maintain the various threads, but to lift the best material from the forums and add it to ouw own research to build up an authoritive, concise library of trading information that we can all use for our benefit.

Sukhibraich, that's a great idea, we could provide a comments section for each strategy which includes a rating, a little bit like how online shops like amazon let you review books.

Keep up those suggestions!! I will try and add as many to the site as possible. Also let me knwo what you don't like, and I'll try my best to rectify it.

Quite Right


Opps did I leave out the snails among us! Only kidding.

Yes, will definately have a long term strategy section as well. And of course the great thing about TA is it's applicable no matter what time frame we use.