Successful traders out there - a proposition?


An intermediate fx trader based in Bristol (South West) UK.

There are many on here, I'm sure, who are very successful traders, who make a consistent living from trading the markets (Forex or whatever else). Well, to put it simply, I want to be one of those! Have had moderate to inconsistent success so far.

So is any of you successful traders out there genuinely interested in helping me become a "trade for a living" trader, in return for perhaps a fee or even better, a share of the profits? Note that I ahev been round the bock at least wheer FX is concerned, have done the usual courses, read the books, tried a number of products, services et al, but have not found successs yet? Maybe I'm doing something wrong! If you are a VERY successful trader, making a good living from either the FX or indices markets, using high success rate strategies, and are willing to teach and mentor me to success, then please get in touch.... I'll put in the money and share the rewards with you.

Reply to this post sending me some contact details.