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So, hey guys. Briefly - few months/half a year ago i decided to learn about trading. I have a nice job, but want to try the markets. So swing trading was the best choice as a part time job.
It was extremely hard becouse english is not my native languege, and there is no good info here. How ever, i learnt the termins and the basics, read a lot of books and blogs and now paper trade.

The reality is that i am stuck with the information - almost every blog/website have the same basic info like the other. I am borred with reading the same and same and so on, and whaste my time.

The good books are old, and i am not sure that they are actual in the current markets.

Ohh, i forgot every good blogger/vloger or guy that write something interesting or different is daytrader... Like this guy: "sidewaysmarkets" He is awesome - so different than others that watched, but trade on the 1 minute bars and different markets.

I am more interested in the pullback setups with short therm strategies in the stock market. How ever i am oppen minded in different strategiieis also.Dont like using too much indicators - rather the price action itself.

So i need advice about usefull resourses, blogs, books and so on about my problems described above and interests.

Also interested in infos, that are rarely described

- Algorithms/ AI trading - and how to catch them - use them-
- Instituinoal trading - how to trade with the smart money
- The best swing trading setups in strategies that work for current markets
- Good resourses, blogers (i havent found none with my interests), modern books maybe
- Trading ideas and setups
- I dont want to watch for the news, economic events - all the day, so need usefull info - what events, news drive the market and how to watch for them easy on 1 place. The economic news are so difficult written, that I almost don't understand anything. How is it possible to read books and watch videos without translator, but to don't understand that news :D

So, i know that i ask for a lot.. I gues you know how hard it is to learn alone.

Thanks, and nice meet you.
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