Strange Covering

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Hi Sharky.

I'm confussed :confused: I had a stop in with AV. and ANL (both shorts) that got taken out at 4:50, nowhere near my Stop-loss (I was being a good boy and using one :D )

AV. stop-loss was 570
ANL stop-loss was 705

If I've messed it up, then apologies in advance.

Hiya FTSE,

Now that is strange. I'm sure you haven't messed up, but I can't think what it might be - the usual suspect is a glitch on the feed which would trigger the stop, but in this case we have two of your shares within a minute of each other being covered, bit too much of a coincendce for my liking.

I'll reinstate both your trades in the meantime while I try and figure out whats going on!

If it's any help, I have had limits trigger on my previous AV holdings after hours before. Usualy at 16:52. It did me a favour and put me at the top of the table once :)
I'm not complaining but....

.......I left no instruction to cover the OOM short either.

Don't worry though I am quite happy with the price the system covered it at ;)

hhhmmmmm If I had taken the covers on AV. and ANL I would be better off, and Marathonchap obviously liked his Sharky if you figure out the bug can you let me know what it is, so I can build a new strategy :D

Thanks for sorting me out Sharky
I tried to short OOM this morning. Limit order was set at 52.

I know I had the cash for the trade, but it was rejected due to insufficient funds. I think there has been a mistake and if possible I would like the trade to be reinstated.