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Hi all,

D4F don't offer this instrument. Do Fins? I've decided to trade the Stox for my first forray into futures but I'd like to SB it a bit first.
Don't think they do it either Helen.
The spread is too tight is my guess.
Only people I know that do it are Easy2trade and IB.

Thanks Opts,

I am going to have the easy2trade demo live demo on Thursday for the day and I'll see how I get on with that. I'll be paper trading it for a bit though before I take the plunge.

Pity I can't practise a bit :)
Hi Helen.
When I tried that myself with Easy and euro50, the main prob I had was no chart. (market eye didn't do it). One of the guys at Easy2 gave me his password for one of the charting systems he uses personally, but to be honest it wasn't very good. If you can get a live chart to go with the feed everything should be okay.

I think IB do the feed, and if they do then you can get a chart from Sierra. I believe you can demo a chart for a short while if you haven't already got an account with these.
Out of the 2. I think IB has it for speed of trade.


have a look at the e mini S&P Helen. Most of the yanks and such, i.e. traders like us. switched to that when this 25k rule came in.
Very fluid, very quick.

Hi Opts,

I have done as I said in that post, for me STOXX looks much better than e-mini S&P. Also the timing, ie Uk daytime is a big plus.