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Based on the recent news from Axmin Inc, the government, UN, and other global support will help the company get this project back hopefully sometime this year. Right now AXM stock value is based solely on the royalty payment earnings multiple and has not given any value towards the CAR asset, or future Senegal royalty targets. Thus making AXM severly undervalued.

Project Link:
AXMIN Inc. (AXM-TSX Venture) is a gold exploration company with a track record of finding and developing mines in Africa. AXMIN's strategy is to focus on newly democratic countries where it has the opportunity to acquire highly prospective ground as an early entrant.

In June 2010, AXMIN announced the completion of the acquisition of AfNat Resources Limited, at the same time the Company announced a restructuring of management and the Board, George Roach was appointed President and CEO. Shortly thereafter, in August 2010, AXMIN was awarded a 25 year Mining Licence (ML) for its Passendro Gold Project and two 3-year renewable exclusive Exploration Permits that ring-fence the ML and cover 90 sq km of strike along the prolific Bambari greenstone belt.

The Passendro Gold Project is located in the centre of its 90 km long Bambari permits, located in north-central Central African Republic (CAR). Passendro has as of June 2009, a NI 43-101 Indicated mineral resource of 2.03 million ounces Au (31.5 Mt grading 2.0 g/t Au) and Inferred mineral resource of 1.10 million ounces Au (21.7 Mt grading 1.6 g/t Au). In January 2011, AXMIN announced the results of its revalidated Feasibility Study, which indicated a robust project with a NPV at 5% discount of US$340 million, an IRR of 32% and a low cash cost of US$484/oz over a mine life of 8.3 years. In addition, the first three years provide an average annual production of 205,000 ounces with a cash cost of US$437/oz resulting in a rapid project payback of 2.2 years. With the feasibility study in hand, AXMIN has all the documentation it needs t secure the debt financing to develop Passendro project.

Highlight of the 2011 FS is detailed below:

Assumed Gold Price


Assumed Oil Price


Mine Throughput

2.8 mtpa

Mine Life

8.3 years

Development & Construction

24 months

Strip Ratio


Average Annual Production years 1-3

205,000 oz

Average Annual Production (LOM)

163,000 oz

Initial Capital Costs (excluding contingency)

US$246 million

Total Cash Costs (including royalties) (LOM)


Average Metallurgical Recovery


Gravity Recovery


IRR (after tax & royalties)


NPV (after tax, 5% discount)

US$340 million

Operating Cash Flows

US$493 million

Payback Period

2.2 years

On December 24, 2012, the Company officially notified the CAR Minister of Mines and Defence, as per its 2006 Mining Convention, of the existence of Force Majeure due to the escalating rebel activity in the country, providing the Company full protection under the circumstances and in the event there is a change of administration in CAR. Under these circumstances all in country operations other than administrative, as well as all negotiations with the Company’s debt lenders have been suspended pending the lifting of the Force Majeure. The Force Majeure is an unexpected event that crucially affects our ability to carry out our activities under the terms of various agreements and represents a lawful reason for failure to have done so.

Subsequently, on April 2, 2013, AXMIN referenced the COMMUNIQUE GOUVERNEMENTAL NUMERO 01 of the CAR Transitional Governmentthat confirmed that all lawfully and legitimately concluded contracts with the State will be honoured, further confirming the validity of AXMIN’s legally binding contractual agreements with the State.

During 2012, the Company’s main focus was securing the financing required to build the mine. By the first quarter of 2012, AXMIN had successfully, with the assistance of its financial advisor Endeavour Financial (“Endeavour”), executed Mandate Letters for a total of $235 million in debt facility that is a mix of senior and subordinate convertible debt with a number of development agencies and commercial banks from Europe and South Africa. The debt providers’ Mandate Letters are commitments to arrange financing on a best efforts basis and are subject to legal, technical and environmental due diligence, execution of acceptable terms and documentation and obtaining final credit and board approvals. As indicated above, all lenders’ due diligence activities and negotiations with debt providers have been suspended until the lifting of the Force Majeure. On April 15, 2013, one of the four financial institutions terminated its debt Mandate Letter pursuant to a decision of certain European States to withdraw recognition of the Central African Republic as a result of the current political situation. This financial institution has indicated that it is willing to reconsider the project if the relevant circumstances change.

In May 2013, AXMIN's shareholders voted overwhelmingly in support of the Dickson Resources Change of Control, at which time the two-stage Offering closed and AXMIN issued a total of 45,000,000 Units for gross proceeds of approximately C$6.8 million. Under the terms of the Offering AXMIN announced the appointment of three Dickson Resources represetatives to the AXMIN Board.


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Between Russia, MINUSCA(UN), CAR Government, and other powers in the Central African Republic, rebels will be dealt with sooner than later.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr President,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to St Petersburg.

I would like to thank you for coming to the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.

At the outset, I would like to recall that our country was one of the first to recognise the independence of the Central African Republic.

In the 1960s and 70s, specialists from our country worked in many spheres in your country, dozens of highly qualified specialists in many fields. Over 500 people were trained in Russia and managed to apply the knowledge and skills they received to develop their homeland.

Later, for many reasons our cooperation was, if not completely curtailed, stuck at a rather low level. We will be happy to consider various plans to boost our relations, first of all in the economic and humanitarian fields, including personnel training.

I am happy to see you, Mr President, and hope that today we will manage to find areas where we can work together to advance our relations.

President of the Central African Republic Faustin Archange Touadera (retranslated): Thank you very much, Mr President.

I am most grateful to you personally and the Government of the Russian Federation for the invitation. It is a great honour for me to take part in the St Petersburg Economic Forum.

You mentioned the very important historical cooperation between our country and the Russian Federation in the 1960s and 1970s. In these periods, our contacts were much closer.

You spoke about personnel training. Some students received education in the Soviet Union, while others studied in our country. For example, I studied at home but my teachers were Russian, which illustrates the very high level our relations were at.

I am very happy to be here at your invitation. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to enhance our cooperation in many areas. I believe we can map out ways, areas and means for more active cooperation. You mentioned the economy and humanitarian contacts and I agree with you.

Today our country is among the least developed but we have huge potential. I think participation in the economic forum will allow us to tell its participants about this potential and the business and economic opportunities opening up in our country.

I went to Sochi on October 7 and saw that there is an opportunity for large-scale partnership based on trust between our countries.

I would like to once again thank you, Mr President, the entire Government and the people of the Russian Federation for your support in the process of consolidation and reconciliation in our country.

Incidentally, recently a Russian convoy covered a very difficult route from the East to the West in the framework of such partnership. Its goal was to set up mobile hospitals that will render simply invaluable support to our population that is currently in a very difficult humanitarian situation.

We have big expectations for potential economic and humanitarian exchanges. We will discuss ways of promoting our cooperation.


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AXM.V Q1 2018 Results (Financials + MD&A) Ending March 31st 2018
All information is available through Sedar. Numbers below are in US Dollars

Tickers: AXM(CDN) & AXMIF(US)
Price: $0.11
Common Shares: 130,497,381
Options: 8,240,000
Insider/Institutional Holdings: 82,089,114 – 63%

Cash: $1,628,835 (December 2017 - $1,115,331)
Receivables: $497,302 (December 2017 - $610,477)
Prepaid Expenses: $9,094 (December 2017 - $12,934)
Total Assets: $2,135,231 (December 2017 - $1,738,742)

Accounts Payable: $2,432,023 (December 2017 - $2,440,820)
Amounts Due To Parties: $174,345 (December 2017 - $190,355)
Discontinued Operations: $323,103 (December 2017 - $323,103)
Total Liabilities: $2,929,471 (December 2017 - $2,954,278)

Q1 2018 Revenue (USD)
Royalty Income: $490,551
G&A Expenses: $117,185
Net Income: $386,115

2017 Revenue($USD)
Royalty Income: $1,585,578
G&A Expenses: $388,268
Net Income: $1,141,752

The company has added $1,527,867 USD or $1,986,227 CAD (based on 1.30 exchange) over the last 5 quarters. This is $0.0152 cents earnings per share. Small cap multiples for earnings based companies should be around 10 times earnings minimum.

MD&A Highlights

During the three months ended March 31, 2018, the Company reported royalty income of $490,551 from Gora Projects, compared with $310,684 for the same time period of 2017. The net income for the three months ended March 31, 2018 was $373,527 compared to a $226,989 net income in the same period of 2017.


Central African Republic – Passendro Gold Project The Company’s primary asset is the Passendro gold project, which is situated in the centre of a 25-year Mining License (355 sq km) that was awarded to AXMIN in August 2010. At the same time, the Company was also awarded two, three-year renewable Exploration Licenses, Bambari 1 and 2 (1,240 sq km), which ring fence the Mining License and cover a 90 km strike along the highly prospective Bambari greenstone belt.

On March 26, 2018, the Minister of Mining and Geology issued an executive order No 032/18/MMG/DIRCAB/DGM to grant Aurafrique SARL an extension period of exemption from exploration and research for one (1) year, running from March 22, 2018 to March 21, 2019.

As of the date of this report, operations at Passendro remain suspended and although the Company continues to maintain a presence in the CAR (through its administrative office and permanently stationed employees in Bangui) and relationship with the State in the CAR, the Company is unable to predict when it will be able to resume its operations at Passendro for the foreseeable future, if at all. As a result, impairment in the amount of $37,346,576 was recognized at December 31, 2013 on exploration and evaluation (“E&E”) assets for the Bambari properties to reflect the decrease in their recoverable value as of result of the current unstable situation in CAR. As at March 31, 2018, given that impairment was recognized and the unstable condition remains the same, the residual value of E&E assets for the Passendro gold project was written down to $nil in 2016. This impairment recognized in the financial statements does not in any way mean that the Company is relinquishing its rights to the assets and it reflects the utmost conservative view by management on the objective circumstances and will be reviewed annually and subject to recovery when certain conditions are met pursuant to the accounting standards the Company has adopted.

The Company through its in-country staff have maintained close communications with senior ministers and officials in Bangui and also in Bambari which is the closest city to the Company’s asset near Ndassima. AXMIN’s country representative Mr. Boubacar Sidbe recently meet with the Vice Mayor of Bambari and Sub-prefect to discuss the situation on the ground and express the Company’s desire to get back on site. Meetings have also been held with the Mining Minister and Chief of the Office of the Head of State. AXMIN remains confident that stability will eventually return to the country and that the Company will be well positioned and ready to work with the elected government of the CAR to develop a pragmatic mining plan focusing on the extremely high-grade deposits that will be safe for our employees and contractors, have limited capital expenditure and hopefully achieve very profitable returns in a very timely fashion for shareholders.

Senegal Joint Venture On February 28, 2012, AXMIN and its joint venture partner and manager, Sabodala Mining Company SARL (“SMC”), a whollyowned subsidiary of Teranga Gold Corporation (“Teranga”) amended its 2008 joint venture agreement. At the time, Teranga had earned an 80% interest in the Sounkounkou, Heremokono and Sabodala NW explorations licenses (the “Project”) located in the Birimian belt of eastern Senegal, by spending US$6 million on exploration. AXMIN has retained a 20% interest in the Project. The amended joint venture and royalty agreement (the “Agreement”) supersedes and replaces the original joint venture agreement. The 2012 Agreement with SMC includes, among other things, the following terms: (a) both parties agree that their respective interests (Teranga–80% and AXMIN–20%) in the Project are divided into Target Areas (being areas subject to exploration) and Remainder Areas (areas not yet subject to exploration); and (b) that both parties will retain all respective interests in all of these areas, until an election is made by AXMIN to convert its 20% interest in a Target Area into a 1.5% NSR or Royalty Interest (“Royalty Election”). After AXMIN has made a Royalty Election with respect to the Target Area, SMC will solely fund all finance work costs for each of the Royalty Interests.


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Looks as if the CEO of CAF has already established himself in South Africa's realm of black empowerment. He started a company a few years ago called Sewa Coti, as per his LinkedIn: Sewa Coti is an African-focused consultancy specialising in due diligence, project management, strategy, as well as B-BBEE legislation in South Africa.

So what that tells me is that with pretty much 100% certainty we will get a deal done, established Canaf with government contracts and shouldn't have any issue diversifying. This guy is smart, he has paved the road to growing this company far beyond where it's currently at.

From CAF's last MD&A:

The Corporation also remains focused on completing a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (“B-BBEE”) transaction for Southern Coal, by mid-June 2018. The B-BBEE is a form of economic empowerment initiated by the South African government with the goal to distribute wealth across as broad a spectrum of previously disadvantaged South African society as possible. A new partner has been identified and initial terms of the agreement, which will remain much the same as the previously agreed transaction, will most probably be announced by the end of April 2018. The Corporation remains confident that it will achieve its B-BBEE goals during the current fiscal year and we remain optimistic of the opportunities that will arise from such a transaction.


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Two videos that came out this week from reliable news sources(BBC & France 24). CAR is getting a huge boost from Russia and in return the Russians will be working on getting mining/exploration going on in the Central African Republic. This is big news because once they make it safe enough for Russia to work in the country, then Axmin Inc. will also have this ability in the near future, thus adding tremendous value back to the stock( 3 million ounce gold deposit on a $15 million market cap company)


France 24(Via Youtube) -


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This was important to put out for a few reasons:

1) Shows that insiders still own over 80 of the 130.5 million common shares

2) Directors are paying themselves less than $20,000 USD per year and given that the company just made $1.2 million USD in profit, why aren't they paying themselves more?

3) Options are being renewed and expanded.

What does this all mean? In my opinion, I see it as a clear example that they want to make their money through capital gains, aka selling common shares. They gave themselves options last September at $0.05 for the first time. Fast forward 8 months and we now have a clearer picture from their latest news release on how the country is progressing rapidly towards stabilization with the help from the AU, UN, Russia, CAR military.

Most recent news:


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Hello Everyone,

As per the site moderators, all threads of TNA, CAFZF, AXMIF will now be consolidated into one thread.


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A Vancouver based marketing firm has recently started promoting Axmin Inc,(AXM & AXMIF). This company has an office in the same building as Axmin Inc and in Shanghai. No doubt they struck a deal recently because this only came up on Google today. All Axmin Inc. information is up to date too. They are marketing strictly to Chinese investors.


About NAI -
NAI Interactive Ltd. (NAI), established in 1998, is a leading market intelligence and investor relations service provider for fast growing public companies trading on the North American stock exchanges. Our goal is to serve as a bridge between public companies and Chinese investors, nurturing investor loyalty and form functional networks via our unique platform. Throughout the years, NAI has established itself as the most trusted firm in providing market insights to Chinese investors. We strive to provide a more powerful platform for companies and investors to connect with each other.

The 3 Strengths of NAI500
Extensive Experience in the Business
With 15 years in the IR business, NAI excels in the field of investor relations and market intelligence. Our professional team is specialized in targeting companies and connecting promising opportunities with investors.
Comprehensive Coverage of the Market
NAI hunts for investment opportunities from the perspective of an investor. Our extensive experience in the industry has helped build a vast network and ensures our access to the best market information in quantity and quality.
Precise Positioning
Our expertise in aggregating and distributing information has made us one of the most trusted sources to obtain company updates and analyses that are most important and relevant to investors.


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regarding AXM's claims in CAR:

CAR asks UN to approve China arms deliveries
12th June 2018 - 08:08 GMT | by ​Agence France-Presse in United Nations

The Central African Republic (CAR) has asked the UN Security Council to approve deliveries of Chinese-made armoured vehicles, machine guns, tear gas grenades and other weaponry for its struggling army and police, according to the request obtained by AFP on 11 June.

CAR Defence Minister Marie Noelle Koyara requested an exemption to an arms embargo, arguing that national forces are ‘confronted with the strength and escalating violence of armed groups whose illegal activities pose a threat to civil order.’

The council imposed an arms embargo on the CAR in 2013 when the country descended into bloodshed but its sanctions committee in 2017 gave the green light for Russia to supply weapons to the national forces.

Council members have until 3:00 pm EST (7:00 pm GMT) of 15 June 2018 to raise objections to the request for the Chinese shipments, according to a letter from the sanction committee's vice-chair.

China is donating the military equipment which includes 12 armoured vehicles and four assault vehicles, 50 pistols, six sniper rifles, ten submachine guns with silencers and some 30 machine guns of various calibres.

The list of equipment from China's Poly Technologies also includes 300 rockets, 500 anti-tank grenades, some 725,000 rounds of ammunition of various types and 15,000 tear gas grenades.

In her request, the defence minister argued that tear gas would help gendarmerie and police deal with crowd control as the ‘units do not currently possess any of this equipment designed to maintain order.’

The request for the Chinese weaponry is backed by a European Union military training mission and by the UN peacekeeping operation MINUSCA, which has come under repeated attacks from armed groups. Five peacekeepers have been killed in 2018.

The CAR exploded into violence following the 2013 overthrow of longtime leader Francois Bozize, prompting France to intervene with its Operation Sangaris.

MINUSCA took over an African Union-led mission in 2014, deploying some 12,000 troops and police, but the country remains overrun with militias, many of whom claim to protect Christian or Muslim communities.

CAR's leaders have repeatedly asked the Security Council to ease the arms embargo to allow shipments of equipment that will beef up the national forces.

France and the UN mine-action service have helped CAR's defence ministry set up armouries and ammunition depots for the deliveries, which the request stated should take place in June 2018.

Koyara wrote: ‘Building up the defence and security forces, alongside MINUSCA, and progressive deployment of those forces safeguards the security of people and ensures the progressive enforcement of state authority.’

Most of the armoured vehicles and other weaponry will be used by special forces trained by Rwanda and certified by the EU training mission. Units of CAR's gendarmerie and police were trained by the UN police.


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Axmin, Teranga receive exploration permits in Senegal

2018-06-18 16:06 MT - News Release

Ms. Lucy Yan reports


Axmin Inc. has received confirmation from Teranga that the government of the Republic of Senegal has granted two new exploration permits under the 2016 Senegalese Mining Code for Sounkounkou and Bransan, encompassing the 17 target areas that the company shares an interest in with Teranga.

The initial term of the exploration permits is for a period of four years with a requisite minimum expenditure commitment during this initial period. Thereafter, the exploration permits are renewable two times for consecutive periods not exceeding three years each, provided that Teranga has satisfied its work and expenditure commitments. The Bransan perimeter is 337.3 square kilometres and Sounkounkou is 291.7 square km, which together cover roughly 90 per cent of the prior permit areas.

Axmin chairman Lucy Yan said, "The issuance of exploration permits for the additional targets, upon which Axmin has a [net smelter return] royalty of 1.5 per cent, is very good news for our company."

About Axmin Inc.

Axmin is a Canadian exploration and development company with a strong focus on the African continent. Axmin continues to closely monitor the political situation at its feasibility-stage Passendro gold project in the Central African Republic.

We seek Safe Harbor.

© 2018 Canjex Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.
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