Stock Screening


Is there a UK site to filter shares based on your own criteria ?

I found that there are few in US where you can filter based on your own filters rather than fixed filteres ( top gainers, top losers or top volume)

For exmaple I want to use the following filters

Volume of Today is greater than 250000
Volume of Today is greater than 125% of Average Volume 1 Month ( or 6 month average)
Daily High is equal to 52 Week High
Relative Strength is less than or equal to 87
1 day Price change is greater than or equal to 0.625

Is there any UK site which is capable of doing this ?

Thanks in advance.

I don't know of a UK site however:

sharescope offers the ability to select shaes at highs/lows and you can build tables, sort etc. by numerous parameters including fundamentals eg. cap, p/e, peg and price, %price etc. There is also a useful data mining function;

metastock apparently includes an comprehensive explorer function that allows you to scan a database for stocks that fit certain criteria (eg. rsi >80).

Hope this helps.