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I have been messing around with options data also. I'm not sure if you will be able to get anything use full out of it unless you can program. Because options are based on a strike price and not on distance from underlying price a lot of data transformation needs to be done. Also keep in mind that including options data into any program and trying to run calculations on it will take up a massive amount of memory/CPU time. It takes my PC all day to run a full back test on the S&P (all 500 stocks, and I still have a few more buy/ sell signals I want to program), adding options data will easily max out RAM and greatly increase CPU time. Don't be surprised if your PC blows up if you don't have liquid cooling.
I download options data and run calculations to track the value of open interest ...From your description I can tell that you probably are doing something similar to me... I would like to collaborate with you on formulas, and possibly trade data... email me if you are interested.

That goes for anyone else too that is interested in trading data or collaborating.... email me
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