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Does anyone here know of any FX Option Broker/ Trading Station that will allow me to place limit/pending orders with Delta or Strike number?

I have Core Option, but it is limit order by premium only, I had no idea to calculate premium, especially when the market is very volatile.


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I think that the S&P 500 will fall below 600 in the next 3 years and I want to buy a put option to invest in this belief.

I would be grateful if someone could tell me where I can find long term quotes for S&P 500 options please.


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Dec 2012 options traded on CBOE, looks like strikes only go down to 1095 tho'
That leaves OTC options which your broker "may" be able to find out about.

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in the back of natenberg's book is a list of recommended reading.

anyone read any of these? im especially curious about the intermediate and advanced books:

option pricing and investment strategies by richard bookstaber
equity options: valuation, trading and practical strategies by hugh denning
financial options: from theory to practice by stephen figlewski
financial options by desmond fitzgerald
trading financial options by labuszewski

advanced books:
option pricing by menachem brenner
option markets by john cox
option evaluation by rajna gibson
option pricing by robert jarrow
options: theory, strategy and applications by peter ritchken


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Anyone knows where to get raw data of banks using derivatives? i need it for my dissertation.... pls let me know. cheers


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I am thinking of getting into Forex options but my knowledge of it is very basic. Please someone give me your opinion about the following strategy - thanks.
(a) Buy a deep in the money option (CALL or PUT)
(b) Buy or Sell from the current price in the Spot market so that you take the opposite side of the Option.
(c) The aim is to make 10 -20 pips per trade excluding spread. If the market moves in the direction of the Spot trade, gains from that would outweigh the losses from Options as the the delta in the Option would be less than 1. Therefore the rate of increase in profit from the Spot trade would be more than the losses from the Option trade.
(d) If the market moves in the direction of the option, losses from the Spot trade would equal the gains from the Options trade. So the only loss would be the spread.

All this seems too simple and I have a feeling I might be missing something here. Your thought on this will be much appreciated.

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