Starting to learn options (where to start)


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So much information out there, in one way it's great, but in another way it can be very overwhelming. Not to mention all the get rich quick schemes as well.

So I guess I am being a bit lazy here and just want to cut out all the BS and find out where the best place to start learning how options work. The different variation, how to trade them etc etc.

Books/websites/coaches etc

I have started with the below book....

and hope to move onto this one next ....



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I’ve also just started options trading and I’m reading Options Trading the complete crash course 3 books in 1 by Warren Ray Benjamin.


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If you want to learn how to trade options the right way I would check out Option Strategies Insider, the free option course teaches traders of all levels how to succeed at option trading.


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To learn how to trade options you have to know HOW you want to trade options first, before diving in. If you want to trade in a traditional style of picking direction (i.e., swing and/or trend trading) you should master that first. It's already hard enough trying pick direction (win rate from 30% to 40%, listen to Tom Basso in his Chat w/ Traders interview), because trading long options adds a layer of difficulty due to theta decay.
If you want to SELL Options you improve your win rate (>85%), you limit your profitability and can have MUCH larger losses (especially if you sell naked positions, search for James Courtier, Long Term Capital Management and Victor Niederhoffer). If selling / writing options interests you can go to Option Alpha (free video course) and Tastytrade (also LOADS free content)


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Have an outcome in mind and understand the numbers relating to the probability of achieving the outcome.

If your strategy involves words like "hope", "luck" etc don't trade options.
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If you are interested to learn options then you can search for material about it which is available on the web. You can read ebooks, articles, blogs, visit forums and find a lot of material to learn options.


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I personally wouldn't touch binary options with a very long pole. You probably have as much chance of success as betting on the outcome of a horse race. For most people betting on binary options, for that is what it is, will prove to be a losers game and the broker/bookmaker knows it.
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