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Quick intro; a number of years back I spent some time trading STIR spreads in an Arcade, which I really enjoyed and learned a huge amount about relative value trading from some market veterans. For a number of reason I decide not to continue as a full time trader at that time due to other business opportunities. I have no regrets on making this decision as the path I followed was very favorable for me. A number of years on and I still have a trading itch that needs to be scratched.;) and relative value is undoubtedly the trading area for me.

I'm now really keen to see if I can find a spread trade that will work in a retail environment using CFDs or a similarly accessible product as I'm not in the position at the moment to generate the volume of round turns required for remote Arcade membership.

I have been giving thought to a 2 leg index spread Dax / STOXX or SP500 / DJI. as this looks potentially do able with CFDs and some good research.

Any feedback or ideas from the relative value traders out there would be really appreciated as I'm keen to find a new spread trade to focus on as by nature I'm just not a directional trader and love working spreads in the order book.

Thanks, Test Pilot..
CFD spreads might kill you off. Funding ain't too cheap either.

That was my fear, I was also concerned about visibility of market depth when trying to leg in to a position. First leg on and liquidity is too weak for the second leg at a decent price to make the spread work.
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