Spread is a real problem for scalpers


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Spread is a real problem for scalpers , there something called tick volume on forex platforms , it counts how many pips the pair moved during the peroid . for example cable today has moved 15800 pip so far 1620 the previous hour . ofcourse scalpers cant take full benefit from this cuz they pay at least 2-3 pips spread maybe more ! .
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the other point is that tick volume isn't really much good for anything. At least in FX markets.
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tick volume in retail FX doesnt show the volume , it only counts how many ticks the currencey pair has moved in a specific period of time


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There is discussion about scalping going on in another forum and some people claimed they do it by buying at the bid and selling at the offer.

When I tried to tell them this is not possible unless you are making markets, I got seriously flamed. I then got the impression that they are trying to lure in people in some prop shops that do not understand that scalping in any form and especially the fake one they promote is a sure road to hell.
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