Spread betting position size


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Hi guys
I was chatting to my trading buddy last night and we were talking about position sizes... it's easy to work out with normal equity trading or even CFDs but Spread betting slightly more difficult to work out.
Anyway, if we take 900 points to be 10% of the dow, hence 90 points is 1%.

At £3 per point, you have 90 points x £3 x 100% = £27,000

I think we've worked it out correctly. So even a £3 a point spreadbet is a huge £27,000 equivalent position.

My trading buddy is doing £30 a point.. that's a staggering £270k position!!

And Sunseeker, in one of his seminars says he does £800 a point, man.. that's a £7.2 million position!!!

Just thought you guys might find that interesting!!! :p
If Sunseeker doe's £800 per point and he's not retired yet then he must be a loser...

Work out the sums for yourself.

I think you could only do £800 per point on the dow trading futures, even then 80 lots a time. Definately couldn't day trade such a size IMHO.


why not just multiply the stake size by the value of the dow. ie £3 x 9000 = 27k? Seems a bit simpler to me.

I wonder where D4F's requote would be at £800/pt!