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Salty Gibbon

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Yes, I bought some VS stuff many moons ago and I was led to believe the whole thing was a piece of the proverbial urine.

Here I am 2 years later and I am nowhere near millionaire status.

Sonofabreadbasket !!

Salty Gibbon

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on another note, Salty, do you want a piece of B.A. Chinos?
Depends what the B.A. stands for m8y !!!



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ferrari1 said:
I think what gets most peoples backs up is the fact that him and VS prey on 'newbies' by creating false beliefs that anyone can make a fortune on the markets with little or even NO work!!
I think you're right about this point. The skills and techniques required to make big money, i.e. financial freedom, can't be done with one hour a month effort! One hour a month might make you a fraction more than a standard savings interest rate but certainly not big money.
You could have the best financial knowledge in the world but if you didn't put any effort in at the start then the whole verture is useless.


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Which is the best Sportsarbitragecompanie. Have anyone experience with more then one companies.
Are the costs of the Software monthly or unique?



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GammaJammer said:
I am absolutely sick to death of people (and I'm not just talking about trading here) thinking that they don't have to work for anything any more. Just because they've seen some third rate nobody on telly singing barely above pub karaoke standard and getting a record deal, they think that riches beyond the dreams of avarice will come to anyone, with little or no effort.

voting Lesley out this week are we GJ ? :cheesy:


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yes, i am a pleb when it comes to televisual entertainment..

im one step away from doing the Pools every weekend...


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scam alert

Trader333 said:
To quote John McEnroe "You cannot be serious"

Read the reviews on the link below and the whole thread of the same subject.


Some clown sent me an email regarding how well her son? did after attending Winters scam seminar. I imagine she? got my email from our message boards where the crook darren winters was discussed and quite rightly consigned to the scammers dustbin.

be aware you may also receive unsolicited mail from someone who uses your replies as a scammers database. Stay alert folks. :(
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