Spead betting - explanation needed


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spead betting

hello everyone,hope you all had a very good xmas :D
i am in this site for the first time and from what i can see it seems very interesting and may i add has helped me in a decision not to try "mci tecnologies" up on there offer.
but some advice i would like to ask you all is i am very interested in spead betting on the fste. could anyone recomend a good advisory service or any tips for this new territory in my investments
looking forward to your advice


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spead betting some one explain

hello again,
i am a very nieve trader only been trading for about 12 months but still managed 24% profit, which i was very happy with.
i have now heard that spread betting is the way to go but have no knoledge of how to do it or how to get involved or even if it is worth while.
i would very much appriciate any words of wisdom as i am still very keen to make money and fingers crossed not had any bad investments (yet!)


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Cragzy, if you go to cityindex .co.uk
they have a trading simulator which you can use, which IMHO
is better to use than risking your own money, I say this because I've been trading the same lenth of time as you and have recently been trying the sim.(signed up yesterday) there are people on this website who will tell you that 95% of traders lose with SB, I bow to there superior knowledge, but realise there are times when SB is ideal, I can't advise as I'm a novice just tring to find my way too...........................good luck


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As someone has already said you will be told how bad SB is by others on this and other sites. When you trade through a SB firm you are trading there price and not that of the exchange. You play by there rules. However you can make money from them.

You will need to adapt to the games they play. A wider spread for starters. The best spread you will get on the FTSE index using a SB firm is 3 points and 4 if you are looking to hold your position for longer than intraday. As you progress you will have problems getting filled with larger orders and be given re-quotes that are less favourable. I cannot spread for all the companies but D4F offer the tightest spreads generally but also have a terrible name on this board. I use them to daytrade and find that up to £25 a point there are no problems but anything higher and you get a delay in the order being filled and a re-quote of 2 - 3 points. If you are a longer holder such as position trading then this issue will not bother you just as long as you are aware of it.

It is all a question of balance between the tax issue that come from shares, futures and cfd's or no tax from SB. One of the advantages D4F has on the others is that it provides real time charts of its prices so you can plot what they do, this is useful because you trade there own price action whereas if you were charting the exchange and using Futures or cfd's you would also see the bias in the way the price moves particularly on the US stocks and indicies.

As with any internet trading keep good records of your transactions and check that your orders have been given the correct price. The main companies that I am aware of are as follows:

www.deal4free.co.uk, www.cityindex.co.uk, www.finspreads.co.uk, www.cantorindex.co.uk, www.igindex.co.uk, www.tradindex.co.uk, www.capitalspreads.co.uk

Good luck

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