Spammers, damned spammers, and really sneaky spammers


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As you are aware, your moderators work 24 hours a day to keep this board as free as possible of spammers. We appreciate all the reports we receive when you spot them before us and action your requests as fast as possible.

We also monitor for people behaving as members or legitimate vendors who step over the line in promoting their products and other sites rather than supporting their users here or contributing to the discussion. Recently one vendor who had irritated a lot of Trade2Win members finally reached the point where they were banned.

One thing vendors may not do is put a website link in their signature. Nor may they post primarily to put links out there.

I found a clever one by accident today and would appreciate your help reporting any others doing the same thing. He was posting one line responses in other threads every few days. Self evident stuff like:

- Trader333, you are right!
- I agree pinkpig (well, thats not so clear given the recent loss of the pig).

But underneath he had a short signature linking to a US loan sharking company.:devilish:

Please, if you spot a suspicious signature (maybe it goes to a self-redirecting site) then report it to us using the little flag at the bottom of the message.

Thanks, Nine.


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What they are doing is taking a ligitimate marketing strategy and, because they are ****, ruining their chances. It is exactly like giving a newbie a winning trading system. They'll chop and change it and end up losing all their savings while the originator continues to profit because he sticks to the tried and tested rules.

Of course, to succeed in this Trojan horse style marketing strategy on a forum such as this, which demands a fair degree of intellectual input, it would be much harder to pass off as not being a spammer. See how long I took before marketing my 115% successful strategy? :clap:

On a youth forum, however, the sort of brainless comments listed above would work fine.


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LOL ... I got that bot

But if anyone spots another just hit the complain flag so we can have a look at it.
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