some symbols are not recognised on the charts

do you ever had problems with the website database finding symbol 's?

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when I try to do some tec. study in some companys I just can not get it to find the right symbol like for i.e cw(cable&wireless) or wg ( wood group (jonh)) and there is more, does anyone knows a solution for this issue?
thanks :cheesy:


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TC - Which particular sites are you looking at? There may be others that are better.

Which particular stocks are you interested in?

I don't think the vote is going to give you much useful information.


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I would suggest the reason is because you are not entering the proper symbol.

Cable & Wireless is not CW but CW. - note the . at the end. The same applies to Wood Group which is WG. and not WG


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OK...there is a similar facility in MS which allows the user to go to the web page straight from a chart....say if you are on ANL then it will work because the Yahoo epic is problems there...

But if I choose AV_ (note my package uses '_' and not '.')...I will have problems when I link to Yahoo, because Yahoo epic is AV.L and not it gives error message...

If you always use web then change the epic code to what is available on web and it should work...



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hi zambuck thanks for your attempt to explain me the problem, but actually I do know that about the the some company with different eic depending on the web you are, the odd in here is I manage to buy on the simulator for i.e wg. (wood group(jonh) but when I go and press on the chart it give me error, it doen't recognise the epic, and the some way it happens with wg happens with at least a few more...
DO you know a way around thi?


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I realise maybe I wasn't clear enought ,at least not for everybody, I speaking about charts on the TRADE2WIN WEBSITE
and not about any other website...
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