Solar Flare Disruption to Communications


There has been the biggest Solar flare for 3 decades which is expected to effect Earth today. The most likely impact is that it will knock out communications and power systems.

Obviously for us if we are daytrading we dont want to get stuck in a trade that we cannot close because of this so I just thought I would let you know.

good point and an earlier solar flare took out power in canada once

this solar flare thing is meant to be a size equivelant to one quarter the distance of the sun to the earth ( i am sure thats what they said on the TV and no matter which way you cut it - thats big!) - and as it happens we have had 2 weeks of sunny wether - ending today - dont know if its connected to the flare

but does anyone know if the flare stuff actually creates any sort of radiation harmful to human beings?

If that was the case we would all be dead by now.

We are only talking about this because technology has moved on and we now know a bit more about the sun. Don't forget this has been going on all the time before we were enlightened.

Good point though Trader333.

Wouldn't it be nice for it to cause a increase in our accounts 1000%!
i am not sure what percentage of people get skin cancer from the sun - might be small, but not to those who get it - but i just wondered if anyone knew exactly what this wave stuff is and if it does have any harmful effect on humans
People get skin cancer from long term exposure to the sun or from the cumulative effect of getting skin damage while in hot climates. I doubt a short burst from a sun flare would cause much harm unless you were in space with no protection. The magnetic field of the earth and the atmosphere provides us with a lot of protection.

The best advice is to stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm when on holiday or in the British summer. Cover up when you do go out in the sun. There is now doubt about the effectiveness of sun tan creams, so I would ware a big hat and cover skin when there is a chance of getting burnt. Having once been a Medical Photographer, I take this quite seriously. Some skin cancers don't spread but melanoma needs to be caught early. If you have a mole that has changed shape or colour or starts to bleed, visit the GP but insist on seeing a specialist. Some GP's still dont know what a melanoma looks like.
A lot of doctors probably can't spell it either :cheesy:

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i didnt think the solar thing is the same as the type of cancer you get from radiation - although i guess the earths protective mechanism may get screwed up by the solar flare

just wondered how the energy of a solar flare might affect humans and if the energy passes through walls etc

these things do work in fixed time cycles - just like economies and stockmarkets - although this particular solar flare is 3 years late on its hirstoric 11 year cycle

and had it come on time it would have coincided with the stock market downturn and one of the major long term economic cycle turning points
Big Business,

Apparantly there is now more cases of skin cancer in the UK than in Australia which is a concerning trend.

Newtron Bomb,

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On a serious note, how would a solar flare effect the earth?

Surly things like this have happened before without causing panic, and if the solar flare was going to be harmful what can we do about it?

"...In the event of a nuclear explosion please hide under a table..." this was sound advice 50 years ago would it apply in this case?
As I understand it, the main effect of these solar flares is diverted by the earth's magnetic field to the poles where the are seen as the aurora. Really huge flares create manetic disturbances. The way to create an electrical current is to rotate a coil in a magnetic field. The rotation of the earth inside a magnetic disturbance can create powersurges in the grid that will cause power blackouts as circuits are tripped. This happened in Canada a few years back.

Really large flares can fry the circuits in communication satellites, although most are built to withstand all but a flare that is of unprecedented size. My understanding is that this is not one of them - it is merely a big b*****!
when the **** was landing from Chenobyl - no goverments told anyone - but if you asked a milk farmer what was going on - he would of told you the percentage of milk that was getting dumped due to it very high radiation level and the percentage with high radiation level that was getting through - the latter being of greater concern!
It happened Monday for me. Heard a nasty farting/rasping sound(honest it wasn't me), and both computers crashed.TVs went off and back on. Lights went dim. Strip lights didn't come on. Couldn't turn 'puters off, couldn't reboot :confused: . Got one into safe and booted. The other said I had no hard drives :!: :cheesy: Wouldn't boot. Pulled the plug and left it 10mins. It then booted OK. Ran a few disk chks etc. Everything running OK.
What next.......power cut for 3 hours. Pulled all plugs and went out. That was a good day trading :cheesy:
Who needs solar wotsits :?: