Software/Spreadsheet for recording trades


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I only trade stocks and I use Excel.

I created a spreadsheet that performs calculations for me. It's a work in progress but helps me keep track of my deposits, trades, days in play, profit/loss, trade type, etc.

I have attached the Excel file if anyone wants to try it out. It goes down 100 rows. After that you will have to copy and paste the formats and formulas.

I have filled in two lines so you can see how it works. Highlight and delete to remove those. The Trade Type will say Day until you add the sell date. If more than the same day it will change to Swing. Still working to get that to stay empty until sell date added.



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I suggest building your own spreadsheet (or using a template, there are a lot on the internet). Then find a way to download your historic trade data into the sheet, ideally through some kind of Excel/API integration. Having your own spreadsheet means you can tweak it, add whatever performance metrics etc you like to really give you a good overview of how your trading is progressing.

I'm working on a template at the moment with an API integration. I can post it here when it's ready.


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I used to use a spreadsheet but am currently using and can highly recommend it. If you only want to track the current value a spreadsheet is free and fine for the task. But as soon as you start adding dividends etc it becomes to cumbersome.


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There are quite a few apps available on the market, so you can start testing them and see if you like any. Personally I’m using excel spreadsheet, you can find a lot of templates and download them for free. My recommendation is to adjust them a little bit for your need. For example I like to use different colors for different metrics, and also all the filtration is quite simple for me, which helps me to save a lot of time. But probably this will work only if you are good at excel.