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Guys, sorry if this i a repeat, I did raise it in the software forum, but only received one reply.
How do you keep track of your dailly P&L's via a spreadsheet?
I have created some templates- 1 for each broker, with a couple of sheets in each template to cover cfd's/spreadbetting for each, BUT what's the best way to keep a running total of P/L's both dailly & monthly? In the grandmaster spreadsheet with running total's, I can't work out how to create "future colums" - i.e for dates and spreadsheets which haven't occurred yet?


Obviously you know how you trade and what you need but complex spreadsheets imply a complex trading strategy. Why do you need multiple brokers, trading multiple products with each? In general you should be trying to keep things simple.

I trade one instrument with one broker. I have a second broker setup for arbitrage/testing new strategies/as a backup, but I can do everything I need with one tab of a spreadsheet.


I have money deposited with 2 brokers, and credit spreadbetting accounts with 2 other firms. I find each form offers very different facilities- i.e. one is ideal for direct input orders onto SETS. I have now come across another requirement (!) having bought something the other day and only sold half my posn' - so now the total trade covers 3 dates so far... maybe I am over complicating things..
Hi wayno

Is it possible to post up the templates you've got at the moment, so I can have a look at what you've got and get some idea of what your trying to achieve.

Thanks :)
This is my basic broker spreadsheet - with net prices then another column to allow for comm. But I'm already run into problems with split fills- i.e if I buy £100\point of xyz, then sell £25, £50 and £25 as 3 seperate trades. I have left the ammount column as shares size- just to keep it in a format I'm used to.

If I close this template each day, as a fresh spreadsheet and give each days spread sheet a consecutive date as it's title, how do I create a master P&L spreadsheet to include future days and spreadsheets that haven't ocurred yet?
How do I best deal with split fills- which may occur if a trade is run for 2 or 3 days?
How do I keep track of open positions ?

I almost need an input box for each trade- which then has a broker code box, and deal type box, and a opening/closing button - to then allocate the date to the correct spreadsheet and cell?

Any thoughst/input , much appreciated..



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