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I'm wrestling with creating a spreadsheet, its a lot harder than I thought. I wondered if anyone would be kind enough to send me there spread sheet template for entering trades and having accounts automatically updated etc?

Also, is it possible and how do you make it so that a row is automatically added to a spreadsheet with all the formulas of the previous row, shifting down the results row at the same time? This is in reference to entering trades, where you dont know how many trades (rows) there will be, but would like to have the result shown at the end of the list of trades with the list of trades dynamically increasing as you add new ones. Can this be done automatically? How do you do it?

I thought excel would be easy seeing that Im a programmer... but its horrible!! :(


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your spreadsheet template will depend on exactly what details u require

u can add a row manually under insert, row

then copy formulas fr previous - by

highlight'g row/cells,
mov'g mouse to corner of highlighted area till u get a + sign then drag it down to cover area u want it copied to

another way uses right click'g mouse n using copy paste special, formula method

to automate it u can use macros


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to use macros u can easily record it under

. menu - tools, macro, record new macro
(u have option of giving it a new name n giving it a shortcut which will automate this by hold'g down ctrl buttton plus shortcut key together. any action u take once record starts will be replayed)

. lets say u give it a shortcut letter 'u'

. goto cell u want to insert new row, select from menu - insert, rows

. highlight cells u want to copy formula, say cells fr row above, move mouse pointer to far right bottom end of highlighted area till u get + sign(not the fat + sign) then drag it down one row

. select fr menu - tools, macro, stop recording

thus u have created a macro to automate inserting a row with formulas fr the row above
when u press ctrl together with the key 'u' it should activate it

hope this helps
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