software for practicing


Joined t2w this morning and have to say great site .....bags of information.
My question is there a website or game out there that you can play in a virtual reality sense.I have at the moment some motley fool portfolio's one tracking the 21000 shares i bought in corus group (real shares) at 6.7p (doing very nicely thank
But i would like to know if anyone has come across a website or computer game that enables you to practice with spread betting in real time if possible but without the risks.

Many thanks in advance

I just read a previous post informing of some sites that do this (my appologies) should have checked.
But i would still be interested to know of any pc games about
You've come to the right place - there's the T2W portfolio simulation game right here.

Go to the home page, then scroll right down to the bottom, and you will see two competitions - sounds to me as if the Share Competition is the one you want. And the best scorer gets 3 months worth of Level 2 information from ADVFN, so well worth entering if you trade UK stocks.
Thanks guys much appreiciated,read earlier about the tradindex sight but did'nt realise about the competition or the shareleague site.Thanks again.

I notice that E*TRADE are currently doing a Trading Demo Application Dowload of E*Professional for 20 days and that you can trade both CFDs and Forex with a refreshable dummy balance of £100,000. This 20 day demo is free of charge and without obligation. Sounds quite good for a start ! :)
Thanks microman will take a look at it.......need to get all the risk free practise i can get so as the missus will happily agree to let me go for the real thing lol....will let you know how i get on .