So how did everyone get into trading?


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I'm interested in how people came to wanting trade & how they got into it.

Obviously the money is an attraction but what made you think you was as smart as the guys in the city/wall st..

Did you hear some 'x trader' tell you how you can make millions?
Did you get a call from a sales guy?
Did you learn from a friend?
Did the market one particular day catch your eye?

For me it was 2008 when it all went tits up, I couldn't understand what all the numbers & charts was people kept talking about on tv. So I looked into it, the more I looked into it the more I seen people telling me how easy it was to make money, not once did I not believe them. I was almost ready to quit my job once I discovered binary options!! Haha.

I soon realised then I didn't have a clue. So once I blew my account I quit trading & forgot about the whole malarkey..

Then in 2010 I thought what a waste of time & all the effort I put in was just wasted. Learning all the lingo, chart patterns & word meanings.. So I went back but this time with a more 'institutional approach'..

I have yet to look back & have been very successfully trading on my own. No seminars no nonsense get ritch bot, no advisory brokers. Just me & internet connection & patience is all I need to make money now !! & no binary options!! Just shares (CFD)
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I've been searching stable online income about 3 years before discovered forex opportunity for me. Despite of severe losses I was set on keeping on with forex and only after 2 years become successful
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