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Jan 1, 2006
Do you usualy trade also while on a trip like this one?

I am looking at the ES as well but I am trading mostly e-mini Nasdaq NQ (85%) and e-mini Dow Jones YM (15%). ES is littlebit too expensive for my account right now :)

Thank you for your kind words. Good luck to you as well :)
I didn't look at any charts during my break in France. It was 100% off work. And no, I have not traded during trips in the past. I do sometimes trade from other locations - say if I am staying with my folks in New Zealand, but then I work full days.

I pretty much need full concentration/focus when I am trading. I find it amazing that some people do well at this on a part-time basis. At this point, I can't picture myself doing that.

From Monday of this week I have been back into it on a full-time basis.

Re contracts - this might make me sound a bit stupid - I think it's the emini that I have been trading (1 tick = $12.50) and also the TY (so the US 10-Year) which I think has a tick-value of around $15? I am doing some testing for a friend of mine so we have only been focusing on the P+L in terms of ticks, rather than dollars.
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