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I've been trading for a good few years. I've decided to open up my Snapchat showing my trades posted live. I will be posting trades from Mini NQ. I'm trading 5-20 contracts at a time. I'm day trading and hold a trade from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

I post already to Snapchat and find it helps with my discipline.

I'm not claiming to be the worlds greatest trader but I am profitable as you will see from my posts.

It's free, no payment required.

Maybe you'll pick something up that helps you maybe you won't. Because it's free I'll do my best to answer questions but it's not a Q&A session.

You'll see losing trades, You'll see losing days but my approach is consistent and profitable.

If it's of interest give me a follow: mark_m8245,
Now trading Dax Futures. Platform (Ninja Trader)

Live trading, explanations of what I'm doing and why I'm doing it (My opinion)

Indicator free zone. You'll see winners and losers.

I'm posting most mornings from 7am - 9am. Sometimes in the evenings during the USA session.

I was asked why I'm using SnapChat. The simple reason the posts delete after 24 hours, furthermore I can see who's screenshotting.

Snap ID mark_m8245

I will do my best to answer questions as and when I have time.
Good idea, I don't think I've ever seen anyone post this type on content on Snapchat, at least not on my friends list. I'll add you.
Short again. Going to move stop to B/E. Buyer sitting just under the low absorbing sellers.
Stopped out. B/E. Like to see these break and run a bit. Immediate volume pickup, with negative delta on the break and no flush down makes me a little nervous (maybe overly so) as its dropping away now. Time frame 5 range.
Wow, influencers using Snapchat for trading now..... I though Tiktok was ridiculous
A few trades for you...All entries on 5 second chart (footprint) this long stopped out break even.


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Grabbed some nice profit on this trade. Treading carefully FOMC in 20mins. Long. Again all entries on 5 second footprint chart. Running ninjatrader. Broker is Ninja broker. Market NQ (Nasdaq futures)


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