The Smart Money


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The ones that are greedy when everyone else is fearful and fearful when everyone else is greedy.


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I think it's to describe a group of people whose investment decisions appear to have been correct so far.
However like most things in life, fortunes change and It could easily become "The Dead Money" if not careful.


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The commercial players with the muscle to move the markets to their advantage.


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This has joind the list of "most useless posts in T2W", congrats.
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This has joind the list of "most useless posts in T2W", congrats.
Sorry to disappoint kwickwool, I'll try harder next time! Perhaps you can do better and provide a more comprehensive answer to the OP's question?


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The Arabs who bought into Barclays at the point of most fear when it was selling for 50p during the credit crunch. I think they got out at around 350p. That is an example of smart money at work.
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