Small caps with IG spread bets


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Anyone noticed if availability of small caps has got better since they started a stock broking service? What percentage of small caps are you able to trade now? I've mostly been trading mid to large caps on there at the moment.

Also, when you check the ''info'' on shares on IG, will the info ticket tell you if the stock is available to trade?

''Unborrowable'' and ''No controlled risk just means no shorts and no stop losses right?

Thanks for any help.
I "believe" ( had lunch with IG this week so fairly reliable!) that they work on market cap, not a percentage of the small cap domain - i.e min market cap of £10mil

don't know. I deal over the phone with them

In terms of a market cap of £10m do they have the majority of these available to trade on? I was using the demo version and all the features arent available