Small Cap Investing


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I am wanting to try and re-balance my portfolio, i have found that generally it does not have much growth after investing in alot of safe and large dividend style companies. I please wondered regarding investing a small amount in small cap companies. What generally would you look for in a small cap investment for instance, increasing revenues, alot of interest in the stock please? Further how would you go about finding small cap investments that have the potential to grow massively please, i would be grateful for any help with this?

Thank you very much for any insight you can share i would appreciate it very much. Hoping you have a lovely day.
Hello i do hope you are having a good day. If anyone please had any thoughts on the above even if its just a few sentences i would be very thankful regarding Small Cap Investing. Thank you so much for your time.
Have you considered a lot of these mid/large-caps that have sold off 70-90%? Or are you only looking at small caps?
The first thing to understand is that by investing in small capitalization you are risking your money, because most of the time these are small, little-known companies or organizations. As a rule, these are stable companies and leaders in their industry with large capitalizations. But on the other hand investing in small capitalization is potentially a more profitable investment. Unfortunately in a market like this, I wouldn't even invest in large capitalizations, let alone small capitalizations. Now, I would consider only opportunities to play crypto games to earn various retrodrops, NFT, or coins that can be sold profitably without investing my savings.