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Just saw this on 4od - wondered what other people thought of it? Some interesting geography going on. She works in a hedge fund in Canary Wharf yet walks to Bank (VIA the Millennium bridge!) first from south London... interesting route. Also enjoyed the ticker for whatever stock it was being absolutely all over the place with the percentage seemingly unaffected and not quite matching to the dialogue. "It's crashing, it's crashing..." and it was fluctuating from -0.06 -0.14 -1.x and back again. Good thing she wasn't around on May 6!

Have to say I quite enjoyed it oddly... the Fonejacker played his self satisfied, but weak hedge fund manager pretty much spot on. What he was doing manually trading Asian futures at 3am from his bedroom to make up the monthly losses, I don't know.

Ultimately I thought it was possibly good enough to inspire some youthful interest in the financial world again...
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