Simplest Forex trading strategy for beginners


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spend at least a year researching and trying all forms of trading ....find your niche


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I think that any market strategy can be considered simple enough if you have a good understanding of how it works. In fact, each strategy has its own evaluation principle, which allows you to determine the most advantageous moment to open an order. And if you add regular practice to this (first on a demo), then you will definitely be able to reach the moment of profit in the shortest possible time. A lot also depends on motivation, because many traders after trying 2-3 strategies and not getting the result, immediately think that trading is a hopeless business and they can not deal with it. Just give yourself time and take your time, much becomes clear in the process of practice.


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Here are some top Forex tips, which will help if you are a beginner :
  1. Educate yourself about Forex risk and trading by the help of many educational
    forum or website like as babypips,forexfactory,earnforex,myfxbook,mfxcenter etc.
  2. Use a stop loss
  3. Use a take profit to secure your profits
  4. Do not risk more than you can afford to lose
  5. Limit your use of leverage
  6. Have realistic profit expectations
  7. Have a Forex trading plan
  8. Prepare for the worst
  9. Control your emotions
That's a good list. Indeed all these points combined, will help a trader do good in forex.


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What I always tell all the beginner's is what matters in their journey is their decisions and how well they can manage their money. THere are a lot of things associate din forex and some people find it difficult to master all of those things and to them it becomes frustrating. To deos to always have to be that way. There are some major parts of forex that the beginners need to focus on liek the basics and market analysis. If you do not know then you do not count as a trader but a passer by. Controlling your emotions is also important because trading can really be stressful at times and some beginners cant handle it.


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The best strategy for beginners is for them to realise that what they think matters more than what anyone other person thinks because it is their trading journey and no one else. One of the best thing s they can do si have a fixed goal and not deviate from it. most of the traders that start off deviate from their goal after a certain amount of time and end up failing because of it. It therefore comes to the the fact that the first strategy si to have a strategy. If you don't have one then you are headed to your end. Then again a beginner needs to be planned and best to have a trading journal and some references. You need to identify that expert trader and follow in their steps but with your own decisions too.
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