Simple and Profitable Stocks, Indices, Options, Futures trading system


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this is really nice super simple system that works, let me know, guys, you opinion - I would greatly appreciate it.


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Hi traders
There is one great simple system that can be used
Stocks, Indices, Options, Futures...enjoy

11 pages PDF - attached

I enjoyed it but not for the reasons you think.


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So what is the point you're making exactly....??

Is it marketed elsewhere..??
Use your common sen....ah sorry I forgot you don't have any.

He may need a jog of his memory to remember as he did post it 9 months ago. And the OP and the brown noser multi nic have been v active of late no doubt making millions so I am not sure what your point is in digging this thread up and asking an inane question, but then again you are a tool.
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there is a simple way to sort these system vendors apart, why dont they enter the t2w trading comp, and when we see tat system "x" is always doing well thats the best advertising u can get.
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