Sierra Charts v.35


Version 35 is now available, has anyone upgraded yet...?

Am interested to know whether upgrading affects any settings or will i lose all personal studies and the like....?

I've upgraded both my IB one and my Mytrack one. No problems. Everything still works fine :)
And no you won't lose your studies/settings.
Guesty - just make sure you install the new version on top of the old one - ie, if you have changed the destination file from the default one, just remember which one it is!

It's for this reason that I virtually always use the default as it makes it easier for upgrading.

Thank you kindly folks,
I can now upgrade to v.35 without having a panic attack followed closely by a nervous breakdown :D

how to

hi guys
i'm new to sierra charts, currenty v.29 would you please advice me on how to update to version v.35.
cheers nick
Just goto sierra charts and download the latest version 35. All upgrades are free forever so long as you subscribe.
And just in case anyone doesn't already realise, the version you are running appears in the top left of your screen in the blue title bar - it will say SierraChart 35, or whatever version you are running.
I've just started using ver 35 with the mytrack feed looking at UK 100 stocks. The candles seem quite lumpy compared to the SSRT feed. Is this because the mytrack data is trade ticks, rather than mid price (taken from bid/ask)? And can you get a mid price feed, rather than a trade tick feed?
Hi Fish

The Mytrack data for UK Stocks is rubbish IMO.
There are bad ticks all over the place and it takes ages to sort out :(

I'm sure it's possible to get a mid only price, but I can't see it at the moment.
I used the chat facility to mytrack, and was told it was trade data. If you look at Lloyds on results day a couple of days ago, I think all the spikes are reported trades. So it doesn't use bid/ask data. Which is a great shame, because I like the software.

I just wonder if there is any other way of puttting data into the application?
I'm sure it's possible.

If you don't get a response from here, try the message boards on Sierra - always very helpful :)