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Hi everybody,

Nobody talked about Sierra chart. I saw helen using it but I don't know if it is really a reliable software...

I am currently using Qcharts which I find terrific. But I would love to find a good and affordable trading software that enables me to follow european futures such as (Dax, Ftse, EuroStoxx...)

Thanks for your answers
It's a good, reliable and very well priced piece of software.
Constantly being upgraded. (For free.) Now on build 32. Though as with everything, there is always something you can think of that needs adding.
Ask them and they will think about including it.

But like others, it's only as good as it's data feed provider.

I'll second what Options has said - the program is great, but sometimes the MyTrack feed fails, but it's only ever down for 1 minute.

With regards the updates to Sierra - does anyone have an idea what they mean when they say version 33 will have "Charts based on number of ticks. " :confused:
Agreed .Sierra has to be the No1 value for money package. You're gonna have data feed problems whatever charting package you use.
The answer is simple- keep the phone no of your trading desk on the front of your monitor!!!!!!!!!
Yeah Fb.
It's just a further option you can have. A tighter time frame than a minute bar. The ticks (normally little crosses) is the buying and selling that make up a bar/candle. Great when clusters develop. Can give a clue as to where resistance is building up.

Though from a email of the Sierra group, I don't think IB are too keen to play, (for some reason). Really hope they change their mind and play ball with Sierra.

Note; that the IB front page now has a seach button.

Just goes to show what the power of nagging can do.

Now we just have to keep on about the back up support for England, because they are falling down on that one. Anything goes wrong and it's a call across the water to either Sweden or USA, depending on the time.

Still think it's a great dealing vehicle...(until something better comes along.)

thanks guys.
and what is the best data provider for that soft????
moreover except IB what provider could bring data of european futures???

Thanks for the answer
MyTrack- 25$ per month for Sierra feed + ehachange fees- you will need "silver plan" ( rt) + the appropriate exch fees that are 1-10$ per month..... goto
Just got started on Sierra Charts with a myTrack data feed (Realtime). I am interested in the S&P 500 futures (ES'Z) in particular. It appears that Sierra displays only the data for during market hours, even though it is set for 0.00 to 23.54 hrs. I had a trial with eSignal and could get the live S&P charts 24 hrs a day. Anyone know if this is a Sierra problem or is it with myTrack? Also I noticed that on yesterdays S&P charts from 18.25 onwards they are completely corrupted. Is this a normal occurance for Sierra/myTrack?
A big plus with Sierra is that you can run more than one copy at a time. So I have one running with the IB feed and one with the Mytrack feed. When Mytrack fails on STOXX (as it does on occasions) I still have a live chart to work off.
Hi delboy,

I think (I don't trade ES so I'm not sure) you will probably have to pay an additional fee for 24hour coverage, ask them in Mytrack chat.
Thanks Helen,

Contacted myTrack and they say they can't provide the data because it corrupts there indicators when there is little or no volume overnight. They have refunded my costs. So it's back to eSignal for me. More expensive but very good IMHO.
MyTrack have a number of feed problems, some bad, some not so bad. One of the bad bits is the weekly corruption between Moday close and Tuesday open on ES`Z :(
The non contiguous feed is not too bad as I never trade out of hours- far too unpredictable.....
Sierra help


In sierra, for example on a 1 minute chart, how do i get it to display a whole days worth of data on the screen instead of just a couple of hours.

Thanks in advance,

Will. :)
Hi Tykoon

Welcome to T2W :)

To get more data on the screen you have to click the > < button in the top left corner.

Hope this helps :)
When i switch to point and figure charts, i just seem to get red and white bars. How do i get the o and x's?

Thanks in advance.
Hi all,

I've just downloaded Sierra and it looks interesting. Shame about no tick data, but I hear that's coming. Does anyone know if you can lay 2 instruments on 1 graph. I want to see BARC and UKX at the same time, preferably in the same window, and moving relative to each other.