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These two came up tonight, not a very exciting sector but steady. Short to medium timescale.


Regards Hibble

I am sorry to say that I don't short - unless when using stop loss or profit take. It is kind of a habit now. My old father used to tell me "...son when you learn to swim upstream, swimming downstream is easy....".

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thanks for the response.

I suspected that you were going long but in the current climate there is a gravitational pull that makes going long a bit a like trying trying to fly like icarus.

There's a lot of truth in what your father said too.

I like the look of your picks especially when viewed with bollinger bands - they suggest a continutation of the trend.

May I ask what you were scanning for to pick these up?

Ok Darth, on the subject of Physics

Consider a pan of cold water on the kitchen hub being heated, gradually as the heat is applied the thermal energy is absorbed by the water according to latent heat capacity of water, volume etc. Eventually, after the required amount of heat the water will suddenly come to boil, as we know at 100 degree Celsius (at sea level). Now, if we pressurise this water in the pan, more heat is required to bring the water to the boiling point (now at higher temperature). When this pressure is released suddenly, there will be a sudden explosion of water. This applies to stocks in a similar way.

By the way, the following news applies to ANG.

13.03.01 :+0, (246.5) on the offer, FT say: "Anglian is one of the smaller market capitalisation stocks in its sector, and its move to go private follows on the heels of other similar companies. But on a 2001 enterprise value/ebitda of 5.5 and a p/e of 10, the offer does not look generous, especially since turnover and share price are both on a recovery path. And although Everest was sold at a similar p/e, Anglian's market share and position should justify a higher price. But Alchemy's bid was one of several and shareholders who have suffered significant volatility over the last 18 months, may wish to take the money on the table and run."

OFFER By: Naiglan Investments
TERMS : 250p in cash for each share held

Regards Hibble
What I really wanted to know is about AIQ and how the user interface works...

maybe I should have been more explicit.
Today's pick


Darth, the routine that I use is very much volume based and all the parameters in the above table are used as confirmations.
Thanks Hibble, that's very interesting.

I'm not sure what AIQ means by ESA and Phase but I'm familiar with the other indicators.
Darth, hope the following helps:

ESA = The ESA, Exponentially Smoothed Average.

Price ESA is a price average that smoothes the random price fluctuations that normally occur in a series of daily price data.

Volume ESA is a volume average that smoothes the random volume fluctuations etc.

This is an oscillator that shows the difference between short and intermediate term price averages. This indicator shows the direction, or phase of a stock movement. When the Price Phase Indicator changes direction, it is telling you to review the stock for possible action.