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Hello you very pleasant and amazing people that make up this forum. I do hope you are having a nice day and keeping positive.

I have been researching into shorting stocks i heard many people shorted Apple from January 2022 and did well out of this. I kindly wondered please what you look for to short a stock, is this weak financials, or something in a previous earnings report that might pipe interest? Further is there anything in the charts, certain levels of volumes, the chart moving below certain moving averages that might help indicate a share is good to short please? I would be very thankful for any advice anyone can give please, it would mean the world to me.

Thank you very much for any support you can give, i would be eternally thankful and grateful. Hope you have a pleasant rest of the day. Take care.
Robert, the stage analysis method i mentioned in previous posts, covers shorting stocks as well
honestly, read it. it covers the price action to look for, indicators you can use, volume considerations and others
there is only so much help we can provide without doing it for you. you need to read some of this material

Thank you very much for responding 1nvest, i really do appreciate you getting back to me i am very thankful.

I am in the process of carrying out alot of research into position trading and shorting stocks and have been practising with a demo account, i find it a very exciting and interesting area. I will kindly take a look at the Stain Weinstein's Stage Analysis post thank you very much for mentioning it, there does seem to be alot of content so i will try to make some notes on the key points. Can i please ask briefly is there anything important to look at for shorting stocks, can the stock moving below its 200 day moving average indicate a long term downtrend, the opposite to the bullish indictors please?

I do hope you enjoy your day, thank you for all your help previously and hope you are doing well. All the very best.
is there anything important to look at for shorting stocks
yep, chapters 6 and 7
in the thread of position trading, i've provided a blueprint by which you or anyone can beat the market
the least you can do, is bother to read and try to apply it
Its little wonder that people will go from strategy to strategy, reinventing the wheel each and every time, because when somebody is willing to share a bloody goldmine, its immediately discounted and they look for something else
good luck to you Robert
There is a very beautifully written book on short selling "The Art of selling short." I'd suggest you read this book.