Short S&P 500 companies with excessive stock buybacks

I have the following trading idea but I do not know how to implement it:

The S&P 500 Index had very strong years but now I think that the uptrend(after the recent MA crossing) is broke. What is more the S&P 500 BuyBack Index,an Index invested in companies who recently repurchased stocks of its' own, outperformed the S&P 500.

Buybacks are a really bad in my opinion: It seems to boost EPS, has a short-term higher demand, comes often with a debt increase and shows that the company has no idea where to invest its' cash. For the investor it is like buying stocks with leverage. For the management compensation it's good because their salaries are often tied to the stock price/dividends.

These buybacks have been excessively executed in the last years mainly because of zero interest rates.
Fed will probably/maybe increase their rates which will hurt these companies for sure.

That is why I want to short them.

There are some Long ETF's like powershares buyback achievers etf !

Any ideas how to short it till August 2016 ?? Instruments ?

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