Short European Bonds



European treasury bonds are free-falling - and playing catch up to US treasuries.

Europe is being cut-off from Russian commodities - inflation seems like it will keep getting worse.

As a US resident - I am being blocked from trading a large number of products like the inverse ETF : DSB Lyxor Bund daily

Does anybody know how I could get a short exposure to German or French bonds?
-preferably short duration 2 year treasuries

Have been wanting to do this trade for a while - but cant find a way to execute!

Best Regards,
can't you short the ETFs using CFD or selling Options?
you can presumably access ETFs such as GLTA or SEGA (UK Gilt or eu treasury SEGA is predominantly french)
I would say though that they are not catching up. they've been in freefall just like yours for some time
im not from the US, so excuse my ignorance, but shorting via CFD isn't restricted is it?

Thank you for the response!

Actually I cant trade SEGA at all - no options or CFD.

I have found some I can trade : IGOV, ISHG - but they also have some Japanese treasuries (no view on these).

Any views on ISHG?

To short US Bonds I really liked the CME micro treasury yield futures 2YY, 5YY, 10YY