Sharky - we have a problem !

Oh dear what's going on here then..

Not sure what happened. Are people's orders still frozen? I've seen the list of trades from 1:42pm, presumably there were some more before then.

If anyone was adversely affected then let me know (as long as it's not everyone) and I'll see what I can do to rectify things - unfortunately the data feed sometimes doesn't behave as it should and on a competition such as this any sort of interruption has a bad impact.

Easiest way out would be to put trades through on Monday morning. I would go for that for trading out of Pearson.
Sharky, no trades at all went thru on Friday...

Whatever you do withl the outstanding trades cancel them, put them thru at Friday real-time prices, or put them thru onMonday morning at Monday prices), it will disadvantage people who didn't bother to trade on Friday because they knew the ststem was down.

It does affect just about everyone, so I think you have little choice but to put the outstanding trades thru Monday, even tho it's not very satisfactory.

Andy :cry:
I realise what the problem was now!.. because of the bank holidays last weekend I'd set the competition not to update on fridays and monday.

Sorry about that folks, I completely forgot to switch it back for these dates. No problem with the price feed then. I'll leave the trades to go through on Monday, unless enough people want to cancel them then I'll delete all outstanding trades.

Unfortunately I wan't around much on Friday, so didn't get a chance to try and find out what the problem was then.

On a seperate note, Highland should NOT be top - he's only top because Invox have done a consolidation of their shares.

Please can this be rectified otherwise he's going to win unfairly !
Logica2me, thanks for alerting me to the consolidation - I'll manually update it tonight. Andy - thanks mate! ;)
Damn it, thought I would get away with that.

Can't blame a guy for trying. Given my recent form, I need all the help I can get. LOL.
Might I just say, Sharky, that the price-feed... working EXCELLENTLY today. Praise where it's due cos I am usually one of the first to criticise when it's up the spout.

I thought the signal was a sneeze? A cough means OK and a sneeze or blowing your nose means, No. Better get this sorted out before the next time.

Pity we missed out on PPB last week with the system being down. Could have topped half a billion if we were all in on both in two days. That would have been a bit obvious though.

What we trying next, Share Splits, Special Divis or hard slog through accounts and charts to find shares?
Highland and Andy, I've updated both your portfolios to correct the 100-1 consolidation we had on INX. Let the games commence...!

(Sleepy) Sharky zZzZz :)