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Hello everyone, hope you are doing well and looking forward to the weekend.

I have been learning alot over the last few months about swing trading, i have found a good share to trade which is Enzolytics Inc an OTC Biotechnology company. There is a clear spike on news regarding ITV-1 which is effective in treating HIV/AIDS. The company is implementing its proprietary technology to produce fully human monoclonal antibodies against infectious diseases including the CoronaVirus. The share price drifts lower when there is no news. Can anyone kindly recommend an entry price for this stock and a potential price for a stop loss please?

Thank you very much for any advice or support you could give i would be forever grateful. Take care and best wishes.
Does anyone kindly have any thoughts on this please, i would be very thankful for any reply you could give? You take care everyone and hope you have the best weekend. Thank you very much.
Did whatever you have researched into swing trading give away any criteria that you want to be looking at from a technical perspective?
I ask as typically you would swing into an existing established trend, look for a pullback and then exit possibly near highs or with a close trailing stop at that point
unless I'm looking at a different stock, this doesnt meet that criteria. make it easier for yourself and go with the trend. Thats my thoughts im afraid