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I've been a part of this community for a while now, mainly as just a watcher and reader of all the content. I decided to share what I have found. A friend referred me to this guy who now runs the trade room for the site Link Removed (not an affiliate link or affiliate of any kind). I'm a very small trader of futures (1-2 contracts) but i've consistently been making money($300-$400/day) with this room for the past 3 months. Mainly do to the transparency of his trade calls and my own daily trading calls. Anyways hope this is helpful to some of you. They offer some type of free trial but you will have to contact the site for that as i do not know the entire details of it. Thanks again to this great community.
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Fake, and not even a good fake.

I havent seen one this obvious for a while, usual story, website created a few months ago, ownership details concealed and finally fake profiles of the 'trade masters'.

So here we go, Michelle Johnston says "we have the most valuable software out there and our mission is clear: we want you to succeed too!" Except Michelle Johnston is a fake, just a stock photo copied and pasted into the website, the amateurs didnt even bother to change the file name from 'business call 1" to something more believable.

Here she is on a website in Oregon,!about/c20r9

And here she is as one of the Trade Masters


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What about Thomas Green, he says he is 'the master software analyzer and programmer for TradeMasterUSA.'

The only problems is that he is fake too, here's his stock image on a Barbers website in San Antonio, Texas, and look who's standing beside him, the fake Mike Goldstein, founder and co director.

Reckon they fly down from California to get their hair cut at the same place?


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So what about all the other things that are fake about Trade Masters USA 'wallstreetque'?
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