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Are we off on another wobbly one?
I sold at a loss when limit set to 9.00p not at 6.00p
Now all my moolah has gone. Doh!!!
To Logica2me,

You look like you have had a bad start on the competition and I feel you will do just fne with those Eurolink ones. I have faith that you may well win it this time round.


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Are you saying the limit order was set to 9p, but a stop order kicked in at 6p - which was never set by you? If so, I can reinstate the trade for you.


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To Sharky

Yes it was set to 9p but kicked in at 6p.
Never mind though gives me more of a challenge. Thanks anyway.


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Good afternoon,

I made a purchase of Aminex (AEX) at 1.37pm on 24/05/04 but was charged at 13.5, can this be checked please as the trades for AEX on that day are as follows:

Bid Offer Time Buy Sell
13 13.5 08:38:27 6,784
13 13.5 09:42:42 25,000
13 13.5 10:14:04 25,000
12 12.25 10:50:10
12 12.25 13:49:42 5,000
12 12.25 13:53:08 5,000
12 12.25 14:06:26 5,000

I think I should of only been charged 12.25.
Please advise,


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I made a purchase of BPRG this morning, it has opened up at 85.5, the offer price was 85 at the time, can it be checked please?
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