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Bullish Bear

Hi folks,

it just occured to me that there doesn't seem to be any central thread to collect short term ideas on UK shares..

Having entered the share comp for the first time this month, and so have been tracking successful players, there seems to be a wealth of talent that could be shared with members as a whole..

Also I have seen some tips in the strangest places for instance ,as a part of a controversial thread....

Just wondered if this might be a useful way of sharing short term tips,ie 1day-2weeks, from people who know the idiosincracies (sic) of individual shares....

I am an index trader myself primarily, but having made 10% on a share in a day recently by trying to tap into this knowledge it has whetted my appitite...


Look forward to hearing your views,

If any :)

Good idea, BUT...........
By openly suggesting "tips" we will likely incur the wrath of the FSA. So far this has been avoided because the situation has not arisen. We would have to present any information as JUST that. Information. We can do things like "watch lists", actual trades, SR values for shares etc. etc. but openly suggesting a share is a buy or sell is a no-no. This could be seen as tantamount to ramping.
I have no wish to stiffle anyone's prowess, but we do have a duty of care to the preservation of this BB.
So far, so good. We need to see if Sharky can make a home for this, by maybe removing one of the redundant boards. I have one in mind.....
Any other comments?
ha ha,

decided to go for Medisys(MDY) running up to results on the 21st,
and looking at Parity(PTY) which has taken a hit of financial irregularities,
I can't be aping you all the time :)

but.... any more info on why CWG is so volitile at the mo?