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Share Attack Review

Share Attack Review

Share Attack by Malcolm Stacey at one hundred and sixty pages is more of a thick pamphlet than a book.
It reminds me of the sort of thing that is given away free at a trading expo along with a couple of free trading magazines and a pen in a sponsors carrier bag.

This feeling is reinforced by the typesetting and cartoon like drawings on random pages of such things as sharks and shopping baskets. Giving the whole book a feeling of something to pick up and browse through rather than to give it a serious dedicated read.

This book takes the format of eighty separate tips on trading. But unfortunately these tips are laid out in a very random order leaving the reader with no particular direction to follow.

This book is aimed at the beginner and it does have some useful tips it in for the beginner. Such as tips on PE ratios and not borrowing money to buy shares. But unfortunately the advice is so general that the advice would be good under some circumstances but not others. And Malcolm does not go into enough detail as to ascertain under what circumstances the advice would be good and when it would not.
Another piece of advice is not to allocate more than 10% of your money to any one share. Now this may be sound advice in some circumstances, but in today’s world of instant online leveraged trading this advice could be very dangerous.

One of the next pieces of advice is to “Be a chirpy contrarian” “like Warren Buffett”. Again this may be fine if you have the resources of Warren Buffett to hold for good lengths of time and to phone up and have a chat with the CEO or the bank offering an IPO! But this would be useless or dangerous to most traders.

I feel this book has an identity crises. On the front cover it seems to be directed at traders but inside the book it seems to be aimed at investors. Leaving me a bit confused as to what it was all about.

My main summery is that it does have some good advice but it is delivered in a poor way. Leaving it up to the reader to work out under what circumstances and to whom the advice would be valid.
This may be okay for an experienced trader/investor to work out for themselves but this book is not aimed at them, it is marketed at beginners.
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