Setting up as a day trader

I have just opened an account with Interactive Brokers who I am pleased to note have got a good review on this site. So, ok there I guess - nice low commissions too.

I am also casting around for a good quality and good value real time data and charting system. Had a look at ADVFN ( which I find confusing ) and a few others but not sure which to go for.

Can anyone give me the benefit of their experience please ?

I have been trading for other people for years - now I am setting up for myself.

Markets - FTSE100 and DJIA indexes plus US top 30 stocks

Budget flexible and large.

What do you mean by time frame ?
Why trade UK?

0.5% lost the moment you trade.


What about Sierra and IB thus minimal cost, but you would need to leave everything connected to get the data.

Just how long you are intending to hold trades ie position trading etc.

I'd have thought that e-Signal would be worth you looking at maybe AIQ if you want RT scanning etc and to be able to backtest strategies. Or perhaps IRD Realtick. Of all those if I had a big budget I'd personally use e-Signal. You can get low cost trials of most software. Check out the review on here to get some other opinions.

I trade with IB and just use the IB feed with Sierra charts but it's the poor womans option :) I also have E-Signal market centre for my UK stocks.

Have fun trying the things out :)
Medved Quotetracker links in with IB is all i use, try it for as long as you like for free

Is it possible to integrate IB data with Metastock/Tradestation?

i don't bother with charts at all -- i've found the best way 2 trade is just wait till the indice ie dow hits a new high 9350 or suchlike then trade down
this way u only trade a few times a month but at 15-20 quid a point u can make a few quid for u'r hols

adios amigo
Yeah, I know what you mean Andy.
I like those " No touch" bets with BetonMarkets.
Very easy to win as long as you are sensible and settle for a modest return on your stake of around 25%.
No real need for charts either - just a reasonably good feel for where the index is probably not gonna go.