Sentiment Analysis


Hi guys
I have have been looking for a while for a good way to measure sentiment analysis. So first, if you have any general ideas they are all wlecome
The simplest thing I thought to do of course is checking twitter for number of mentions of a symbol, and try to figure if it is bullish/bearish.
Anyway, I wrote a python script to retrieve tweets using tweepy library, but it is so slow it is practically useless. I got like 6 tweets in 2 hours maybe. Im not sure if twitter limit those scans on purpose (it is done through their REST API eventually) to control traffic, or if there is another issue.
Do you know of any other way to do it? I mean literally search the symbol manually and look on the tweets will be better than that... But maybe I can make it automated?

Any suggestion is welcome.
Check Quandl there is a premium feed there that does this