hi jinx of the online trading era


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If you were about Tuesday evening watching the markets you might have noticed the US indices take a dive, with the DOW plummeting over 100 points in about 20secs.

I couldn't figure out what was happening until about 2mins later bloomberg announced that AP news had been hacked and a tweet was sent saying there was an explosion at the white house and Obama had been injured.

Now, how easy would it be to take a cheeky short DOW position, and then a couple hours later a hacker you paid off with a princely sum hacks AP twitter account and tweets a market moving statement.

You trade out making 80 points and laugh all the way out the office. It made me smile thinking some cheeky c**t could have easily gotten away with this, especially with the knowledge that algorithms that trade on news would pick something like this up and sell off the indices.

Your thoughts and how could this be prevented?