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Hi chaps, long time no type,

If you remember my fav. share SEG was in the doldrums the last I typed, well if you have not noticed since the sale of 14% of the company by Equitable Life the stock has made quite a stunning recovery.

From where I am sitting it looks as if the mm's are deperate for more stock and the company has at last started realeasing RNS's. Something they stopped doing whilst EL was dumping.

Could you kind chaps take a look at the chart and let me know where from a chartist point of view where this is heading.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Hi Chris.

I'm glad to see this one working for you - you were obviously quite attached to it.

A very quick look at the chart shows a nice move up to 80p forcing its way through the bollinger bands. I expect resistance at 100p and don't expect to see it break through in the short term.

Keep a careful eye out, take what you can and good luck.
SEG is hitting resistance level, Chris...80-85 is a busy level, might cause retracement before breaking through, once broken it may head for 97-100...have to say this last up movement has been quite strong for today's intraday movements, price bounced back down from 81.5-82 3 times, worth to keep in mind...good luck

SEG reminded me of s portfolio i did on ADVFN, of Morning stars and engulfing candlesticks on the 17/4/01.
Here is how they stand today offer to bid.
epic.................price paid............%+or-


Overall a profit of 9.32% proof i think that in this case TA on average worked
Regards. Col
Thanks chaps,

Already back to 82/83 as I type, so possible resistance, lets hope it breaks through today and onwards to 100p


tweezer top


you may have noticed that SEG moved down on Friday. On a candle chart there is a 2 day pattern called a tweezer top that coincides with hitting the 150 day ma.

This suggests that there is overhead resistance and it is worth watching to see which way the stock will move from here.
Thanks Darth,

Lets hope it is upwards, there is plenty more news to come and 1 mm appears to be very short. They seem to get more shares back moving the price up rather than down so that could help push it towards the 100p.

The sector is getting a lot of interest now and SEG is still on the lowest valuation of the lot.

If you chaps are interested in the games sector myself and another of your old friends have started a BB just for the sector.

You guys are welcome to join as any technical analysis on any of the shares in the sector would be welcomed.


Hi all,

I have noticed a few chartists on other sites getting interested in SEG after todays performance.

Any of you guys watchin it.


Hit 94 intraday, retraced to 86, closed at 88...volume fairly high, rsi and stochastics suggesting further rise..immediate resistance levels 90 and 97

Cheers Riz,

To me it looks like the shares are in very short supply, even with todays sells. It took my broker from pre market to about 2pm to get my 25k purchased filled. We are now sitting at 99.5p so where now? Also have a look at the chart for Aug '99 to Dec ' 99, is there any similarities. ;)

Any of you tempted yet

Thanks again

RNS Monday?

"SCi War Game in Microsoft Coup"
by Rupert Steiner (Sunday Times 19/08/01)

Did you like the front page picture of The Great Escape :D
Well I sure like the chart, an obvious break out now...



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Hi again,

This thread starting to get very popular, I wonder why ;)

Anyways we seem to be covering ground very quick now, don't seem that long ago the share was 36p now knocking on 120.

So do we get a break through 120 as the late buying suggests, or retrace? My feeling is breakout of 120 as the news of MS deal should hit the papers in the morning. So where next?


Chris, when 120p goes there is resistance at 140 then 170-180p.

The last fall was quick so we can expect a rapid rise until one of these magic numbers acts like a brick wall.

Stay sharp and good luck.
Hi again,

Well that was a week that was, RNS came out as expected, and rose to intra week high of 130ish.

Wednesday was a strange day as we had a big gap down caused by the mysterious dump of 20k shares pre market 113 whilst only 1 mm book was open.

MM's were happily taking 122p the afternoon before and a largish buy came through end of day. Whoever dumped that way was either a lunatic or clueless, but each to there own and was at their cost. If they had waited till the open I doubt we would have gapped down so much if at all.

Anyways that seemed to cause an exoudous of sells and graph fell off end of cliff. That said I was expecting a sell off, but not so extreme. We have since recovered back to the gap.

Usual question, what does this mean, and what can we expect.

Many thanks

Hi Chris.

I suspect it just means that the market is volatile and looking bullish at the moment. Positive news and rumours will move the price up and down a lot to shake out the weak hands enable the brave to buy in at a good price.

from the chart I would say that the gap up from 100p is very significant and the candles from the next 3 days suggest a top formation (almost an evening star).

Yesterdays trades were on a bullish market.

Watch out for that gap being an exhaustion gap and the evening star marking a short term top. 130p is a very significant long term support/resistance line and unless the bulls can move the stock upwards next week then the price could suffer a reaction and continue in its sideways consolidation for some time to come.