Securing access to my PC and applications


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Hello All

I'm looking for some information about how to secure my PC and applications. It seems to me an email that gets to my inbox, even if I know who they came from, can still be infected with Malware (whatever that is) as happened to a friend of mine last week.

I don't know the details as I'm not a techie myself, but it looks like he got an email from someone he knew, which had a word document attached to it. He was expecting the email with the document, so didn't think anything of it. It turns out the company who sent the email had been "infected" with something. (I love the way these people talk like they are all scientists or something). The infection seemed to steal account information from his PC for a number of different online services he uses. He had some luck as they never got his bank detail, but did get amazon and a few other accounts. The next thing he knew, he started getting emails about purchases he never made. The purchased goods wanted to be delivered to Russia, amazon stopped the purchases going through and told him he needed to add some additional security to his account, 2 Factor.

So I'm looking for a way to stop my accounts been accessed even if one of the bad guys does manage to get my password from one of the other hacks that have happened. From what people have told me advanced security is the answer. So I was hoping someone on this site would have done it already.

Let me know what you think the best solution is.
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