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Just recieved a "Confirmation of Cheque" award from Games Headquarters telling me I have definately "won" a cheque for £9000, my number was selected from the draw,under the authority of their "legal team", I have 10 days to reply, otherwise they will send it to a needy charity..........all I have to do is send them a "modest contribution" of £22(all inclusive to cover costs of my exradordinary gaming method) to ARLIMBOW. They are in Rue du Grand-Pre, Geneve 16.

Is this for real?? Has anyone come across this before? Have I really won, I mean £22 is a small risk to reward ratio is it not? I can pay it in to my spreadbet A/C and trade like crazy!
anyone out there shed some light on this?


They're all one big scam - the foreign ones are good though because they usually include a stamped addressed envelope. I stuff it all back in the envelope, and send it back to them, and they have the pleasure of paying the postage.

It's amazing how quickly I get removed from mailing lists :D
Actually it works a treat with all sorts of mailshots - if you really want to be removed nice and quickly from mailing lists I find it best to write DECEASED against my name and address :D :D
mmm 50,000 mailshot x £22 = £100K + ..... maybe, just maybe, there will be one lucky punter who gets his 9K....
They wouldn't run scams unless they worked ... and you can be sure that there are plenty of people prepared to send £22 because they are too stupid to see through the scam.

According to the police department which tracks the Nigerian scam (you know the one: 'help us smuggle funds out of Nigeria and 20% is yours, just send us some money now with your bank account details, and a photocopy of your passport in the meantime so we can access your account') ONE PERCENT of those who receive the mailshot actually send off the money and are staggered to be told it is a scam and they've lost their money.

Amazing, huh?
what a con ..i recieved one of those letters.... send money
to claim your prize ,i was tempted but i thought it was
bloody cheeky..that they wanted money of me ,so i thought
go to hell man.....good job ;)
Life insurance salesman - Tell them you are an Iraqi soldier on secondement to the green goddeses.

Double glazing - Tell them you live in a basement flat.
Thanks for your comments everyone, envelope is on it's way back as we speak, minus the £22 and a picture of my mother-in-law( and boy is she UGLY!!)