Scam warning !!!!!!!!! CYNERGY8 DO NOT USE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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A new bunch of crypto scammers have opened: CYNERGY8 at

They claim to have a 35 year corporate history but only registered the website in 2018

They are the evil thieves at Cryptech Global under a new name

Do not give them your money ..............they will steal it all


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How can anyone have some corporate history with Bitcoins while they were only something like for example 10 years old if not less, I am not remembering the whole case cause I haven't bought anything anyway on early stages of Bitcoin at all. How do you plan to go with that matter ? For sure you do not need to trust your money to some cheap scambag that's why I do not participate in any exchange and simply buying crypto in hopes it will rise automatically or artifically - mainly rise.

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